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About Us

Petrous Utubor and Bridget Otubor welcomes you to b&b foundation ,a non govermental organization dedicated to helping students of disadvantage background. We center on assisting students with educational materials,computers,and other learning equipments from our Donors and philantropic individuals.

Why b&b foundation?

Not quite long ago (2008),Our neighbour's daughter who just gained admission into one of the high school in the State came to our door step and asked for our Used Books. Whoops! too late. Just a week earlier we burnt all our used books since we have no space to store them. At that moment i felt terribly sad and i suddenly realised that millions of people in the world would definitely be makng the same mistake and this prompt the ideal of setting up b&b foundation

Our Goals

Our goals are to :
  • To Reduce illiteracy rate
  • To reduce the burden of quality education in Africa
  • To Inspire young minds to archieve their dreams
  • To reduce wastage and encourage giving

What you can Do

This foundation offers you the opportunity to give, and to help students from disadvantage background. On this website you can browse about the ways you could help students of disadvantaged background. we have sought to promote the welfare of student in want. You can also contact us about other ways you want to respond to our cause.

If you have any feedback or questions about b&bfoundation's work please e-mail your comments to

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